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Marketing to Medical Doctors includes MD’s, podiatrists, dentists, optometrists, in other specialists who have a medical degree. We will call this group of professionals medical doctors and they all have something very special in common. They all have patients who trust them and rely on them for their health care. It is likely that many of their patients have back pain or nutritional needs or need other services that you as a Chiropractor can offer. Building a relationship with Medical Doctors is of great value to them, as it gives them access to another Professional to whom they can refer their patients to provide a need that their patients have.

Once you make contact with the Medical Doctor, you want to be prepared with the marketing folder to leave with him or her. The folder should have some business cards in it, a one page flyer which talks about your office and your staff, and an interesting research article on Chiropractic or on your Medial Speciality. Many Medical Doctors do not get detailed information on what other Specialties are and so this is of tremendous value to them. This will also give them confidence as they are getting to know you, and knowing that you they can rely on you and trust you as a professional.

Learn more about how you can market your services to Medical Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals in my Physicians Cookbook.