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Spending the time and money to produce a flyer of your office which gives both a visual picture of the Clinic and a brief history of your office and how it has developed as part of the Community, is a key strategic piece in the marketing efforts of your practice. Here is why: when you pass out these flyers, leave them with merchants, give them to other professionals or businesses and they in turn give this flyer to a possible patient for your office, the following has already occurred. The prospective patient can visualize being in your office because now they know what it looks like. They know a little bit about your history and your Context for being a part of the Community.

Relationship Marketing Secret…if your patient feels “at home” when they enter your office…. they will always come back and they will talk to everyone they know about your office. This is the philosophy behind Starbucks in creating a 3rd place to be…. like at home and at work. You don’t need to try to compete with Starbucks, but you can use some of the basic psychology of influence and attraction to turn your patients into raving fans. This all starts with a really GREAT biography/flyer of your office which paves the way for the patients that need you to show up and be happy that you took the trouble to open the door for them.

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