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The core of special promotions lies in the tremendous potential of seasonal marketing. It is one of the greatest ways to boost sales and customer engagement. Seasonal marketing is the process of marketing products or services during special times of the year. This could mean anything from Christmas and Valentine’s Day to simply the different seasons. Seasonal marketing doesn’t have to relate to an official holiday, it’s about adjusting your marketing campaigns to the significant events related to your industry within the season. Of course, every consumer is compelled to save money. But at the same time they’re always looking for a reason to spend money. Having a marketing campaign which is oriented around seasonal marketing gives your customer a perfect excuse to spend money.

For example, an autumn or winter campaign, as the temperature gets colder, could focus on joint stiffness, sore muscles and even boosting the immune system. On the other hand, a promotion in the springtime or in the summer when the cold weather has primarily left us, is the time to focus on outdoor activities and emphasize to your patients the importance of exercise and outdoor activities. Using your monthly newsletter, or a special flyer or coupon promotion is a great way to get the message out about your seasonal marketing campaigns. Using your Health Lecture or other existing relationships with local businesses is another great way to market these promotions.

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